Best Games For iPhone 2018

best games for iPhone

Hello all.

Today I have listed below some of the most amazing games that you can play on your iPhone. These games are highly talked about and famous games currently. Hence you must try them at any cost. Most them have high ratings and others are famous for their effects. You can try them one by one and let us know about every game in the comments below.

I have written some basic things about best tech magazines in my previous post, you can have a look at them as well.

best games for iPhone

  1. Candy Crush Saga

    There has been a no better game than candy crush. Be it android, or iOS. This is just a great one. There would be long line of colours and you just have to destroy them. It is just like bejeweled. If you have missed it, then you can definitely try Candy Crush Saga. This is absolutely free to download and hence you can give it a try.
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  2. Angry Birds

    Another sensation in the gaming field was Angry Birds. Suddenly everyone was talking about it. It is a very basic and normal game. In this all you need to do is to try to smash the pigs who stole the eggs of birds. I absolutely love this game. If you have not tried this, you would absolutely love this. This is easy to use and very interactive.
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  3. N.O.V.A. 3

    Nova has been one of the most talked about games for iOS. The day I downloaded it, I just became a fan. I loved everything about it. The free version was absolutely gem of it. But when I tried the paid version, I fell in love with the game.

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    Have fun with the games and let me know in the comments below.


Best Lifestyle Store Apps

best lifestyle stores

The lifestyle standard of all human beings has been going up day by day. Hence we all need to keep up with the latest trends and fashion. For that we need to visit the lifestyle stores regularly. For some of us taking out time specifically to visit a life style store is a tedious task. To spare you the pain of just “visiting” a lifestyle store I have compiled the list of best lifestyle store present in the Google app store.


All these apps are legitimate and are famous for their quality stuff. Hence you can be sure that you will get what you want and that too at a reasonable price. All you need to do is to click the link which is present below of each and every app description and you would be taken to the official app store and from there you would be able to download the same.

best lifestyle stores

Best Lifestyle Apps

  1. Shoppers Stop Fashion

    shoppers stopShopper stop has been one of the most famous brands. Its quality is of top standards and prices.Personally speaking I love this app and it is a great choice. They have literally added everything under the same application. You would be able to find some great options for men’s, women’s and kids’ apparel, fashion accessories. I personally love the deals section. I get huge discounts when I shop at some specific festival times. I love this app because it is highly intuitive, interactive and an innovative app. Hence you can definitely give this a try and you will not regret using it.

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  2. Lifestyle

    lifestyleThe second app in the same category is lifestyle app. Lifestyle has included almost all the leading brands. You would absolutely love shopping here. You can just shop here without worrying about any of the issues hence you would be able to shop securely and happily. They have easy return policy of 15 days. There is absolutely no issues with the return of product. Post returning you would be getting a full refund if returned within 15 days. The app is easy to use and definitely worth a try.

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  3. Koovs

    koovesKoovs is a pretty new app. It is very famous within a set of people. Specially girls who look for fashionable items and in low prices. They have wide range of items like clothes, shoes, T-shirts, jeans, bags, dresses, jewelry, watches, wallets and more. The best feature that I liked about this is the feature called trend-based features. Here you would be getting the items that are in huge demand, that means they are trending items, hence it would be very easy to choose from the hot items that are being sold.
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  1. Best Tech Magazines

Best Tech Magazines

In the usage of technology, there have been times when people are not able to understand the usage of technology.

At that time they turn to tech magazines. They are the magazines that provide all in one knowledge about the usage of technologies, new electronic gadgets, their specifications and other related stuff.

Hence from time to time, I myself have tried to gain knowledge from them. They provide a valid in and out of everything related to technologies and the trends that people are following.

So today I am going to discuss this one and let you know about my favorite tech magazine and what is the important and primary feature for the same.


This is one of the top notch magazine. Hence I would like to start from here. This is complete solution for all the tech related junction. This has been a landmark for everyone and the language that they have used is pretty much for everyone to understand the same.


From my childhood itself, I have been literally addicted to digit. My school used to provide this magazine for free. So whenever I used to get the new addition I used to read this and complete the same within no time. They have a good reach to the readers of all age. Content wise as well they keep themselves up to date. New technologies and latest trends are also set by Digit.

Science Focus

The name says it all. This is owned by BBC Worldwide and hence you can be sure that the information mentioned here is legitimate and is coming from valid sources. The best thing that I like about them is the “Q & A ” section. They have some wired and interesting topics printed there. I am totally a fan of their Q & A portion of website.

Your Top Best

Your Top Best is upcoming web magazine that totally deals with the top listings. They let us know about the top things every where. They generally write about Top websites, best apps and software. Hence you can get a variety of knowledge about the same.

Android : A Monopoly

I would like to start with a very serious topic today.

Is Android a Monopoly ?

I have chosen this topic because it has been years, since we saw anything as powerful as Android. In terms of technological evolution, flexibility and adaptability, Android has been right up there with 100 out of 100.

There has been a lots of discussion about the same in the recent past. One such article tells us about how bigger of a problem is this. In the article Google tells EU that, it is not possible that android has a monopoly. According to them due to the existence of iPhone this has not been possible.

Starting from just a plain and simple OS to mobile phones, it has expanded its way to smart watches, android televisions computers etc. Most of the electronic that we have around us has android attached to in one way or the other.

Hence we are moving towards android-full market and electronics market.

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